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Webb Supply believes in going above and beyond to help our customers succeed. When our customers win, we win. Celebrate these wins with inspirational posts from industry professionals with stories about HVAC excellence, services, and the community. Have a success story that you think would fit in? Reach out with your story and we’ll feature it!

  • Get Sky High Savings When Buying Ducane

    Get Sky High Savings When Buying Ducane

    Webb Supply is proud to announce a truly unique opportunity for our Ducane Dealers. From August First through September 29th (8/1-9/29/23) Ducane dealers can earn Delta Travel Gift Cards. This tiered promotion rewards any dealer who installs at least 20 Ducane motor-bearing units with a gift card worth $1000. This […]

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  • Stock Level Update – Ruud Equipment

    Stock Level Update – Ruud Equipment

    With the equipment changeover in full swing, We at Webb Supply want to keep our customers in the loop. When the equipment changeover was announced, we stocked up on the old units knowing that it would provide our dealers an advantage against inflation on the market. As a result, Webb […]

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  • Ruud Pro Partner Program

    Ruud Pro Partner Program

    Are you looking for a way to grow your HVAC business in 2023? Joining a dealer program that offers your company value is a great way to make your dollar go further. Webb Supply participates in a number of dealer programs, including the Ruud Pro Partner Program.

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  • Ducane New Dealer Program (NDP)

    Ducane New Dealer Program (NDP)

    Webb Supply wants our customers to succeed in all aspects of their business. That’s why we participate in programs that we feel could help them grow. The Ducane New Dealer Program or NDP is one such program, designed to help HVAC contractors of all sizes grow their businesses by selling more Ducane equipment.

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  • Samsung HVAC Preferred Dealer Program

    Samsung HVAC Preferred Dealer Program

    The Samsung Preferred Dealer Program is a tiered program that enables participants to unlock value-added features based on completed training modules and the number of units they register through the Samsung HVAC Mobile App. This blog post will walk you through how to get involved and start saving.

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