Ducane New Dealer Program (NDP)

Webb Supply wants our customers to succeed in all aspects of their business. That’s why we participate in programs that we feel could help them grow. The Ducane New Dealer Program or NDP is one such program, designed to help HVAC contractors of all sizes grow their businesses by selling more Ducane equipment.

What is the Ducane New Dealer Program?

The Ducane NDP is a program set up to help smaller contractors become comfortable with the Ducane product line through incentives for savings. Participating Ducane dealers can get a $50 rebate for all motor-bearing HVAC equipment while participating in the program.

How The Program Works

The NDP allows Participating dealers to sell Ducane HVAC systems at a rate they are comfortable with. The program runs for two years from the date of enrollment. If the participating dealer sells 100 motor-bearing units within the first year of the program, they unlock unlimited savings in year two. If a participating dealer does not hit 100 units in year one, they graduate from the program when they hit the quota in year two.

What Ducane Equipment Qualifies For The NDP Program?

Qualifying units for both indoor and outdoor applications must be five tons (5) or below. Compatible indoor units include ducted air handlers, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, electric furnaces, and unit heaters. The outdoor units included with the program are condensers, ducted and ductless heat pumps, packaged units, 3-phase splits, and 3-phase packaged units.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ducane NDP, please reach out to Webb Supply through the contact us page.