If you need ductwork for supply air or steel return air filter grilles, you’ve come to the right place. Webb Supply has a large selection of air ducts, pipes, insulation, covers, and more in stock and ready for your job. Whether you’re working on residential or commercial applications, Webb Supply has American-made products that will give your customers peace of mind. Register today to start taking advantage of our wholesale pricing and quick order fulfillment.

Lukjan provides the HVAC industry with quality sheet metal and HVAC duct pipe. Their product offering includes air ducts, pipes, boots, plenums, and more.

  1. Square Duct and Fittings – Available in 4-foot, 5-foot, 8-foot, 90-degree, 45-degree, square duct reducers, SD caps, transition takeoffs, starting collars, cleats, drives, and strap, wall stacks, and wall stack fittings.
  2. Round Pipe and Fittings2-foot, 5-foot, 90-degree elbow, tee, cap/collar reducer, round reducers, round takeoffs, dampers, caps, round starting collars, and wye. Available in 24ga, 26ga, 28ga, and 30ga.
  3. Sheet Metal BootsAngle, basement, end, straight, oval boot, and oval stack head.
  4. Cold Air Return Kits – Galvanized sheet metal perfect for returning airflow to the HVAC system. Available in multiple sizes.
  5. Plenums – available in saddle tap or sheet metal styles. Available in multiple sizes, all sheet metal.

Quietflex manufactures quality insulation products designed to fit any collar in commercial applications. Quietflex products also help improve indoor air quality by featuring an Agion antimicrobial-coated inner core.

  1. Flexible Duct R4.2 silver flex, R4.2 black flex, R6.0 black or silver, and R8.0 black or silver

Hart & Cooley produces quality grilles, registers, and diffusers for residential and light commercial HVAC applications.

  1. Registers Sidewall, baseboard supply, floor, floor bar, ceiling diffusers, and toe kick.
  2. Grilles – return air grilles available in multiple sizes. White in color
  3. B-Vent (Double Wall Pipe) – increase efficiency and prevent exhaust from escaping from the ductwork.

Truaire manufactures GRD for residential and commercial applications. Find any air vent covering that could be needed for the job like floor vents, air registers, ceiling registers, and more.

  1. RegistersBaseboard supply registers, floor register vents, ceiling diffusers, and dampers,
  2. Grilles Baseboard return, floor grilles, return duct grilles, commercial vent covers

Ditch traditional insulation and start using energy-efficient solutions from rFoil. Designed to extend the lifetime value of HVAC systems and reuse heating and cooling costs.

  1. Duct Insulation – Bubble style – R4.2, R6, and R8
  2. Radiant Barriers

Find the perfect exhaust solution with Dundas-Jafine products. Choose from exhaust vent duct covers or even diffusers.

  1. Exhaust Pipe – snap lock, foil duct, 90-degree elbows
  2. Exhaust Fittings – Exhaust hoods in aluminum, or with a louver.

Meet all SMACNA or ASHRAE certifications easily when using Lloyd Industries UL-certified products.

  1. Fire Dampers
  2. Access Doors

Keep air conditioning systems and furnace ducts working longer with insulated products from Thermo Manufacturing.

  1. Panning – high-quality “No Noise” sheet metal alternative for constructing return air ducts
  2. Hangers – thermo-snap clamps

Hanger Systems