Get supplies for residential or commercial jobs at Webb Supply. Our selection of condensate management, installation pads, maintenance chemicals, and more are suitable for use on any HVAC equipment. Webb Supply has the supplies you need in stock and ready for use. Become a registered dealer and experience the Webb way today!

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Anyone in the HVAC industry has heard the name DiversiTech at one time or another. The leading manufacturer of equipment pads, DiversiTech is dedicated to bringing high-quality products to market that simplify a contractor’s job. Constantly changing the game for wholesalers, their product lines can be found in HVAC supplies, electrical, and hardware.

  1. 3″ Condensor Pads – E Lite Pad line designed to reduce wear and tear on HVAC equipment. Available in black and grey.
  2. Quick-Sling Mounting Systems – Present customers with a clean installation with Mini-split and unit heater brackets.
  3. Asurity Condensate Pumps – ensure any HVAC system works properly with condensate pumps available in 115V or 120V.
  4. Maintenance Chemicals – Coil Cleaners, Leak Detectors, Leak SealantsFlushing and conversion systemsvacuum pump oilRefrigeration chemicalsplumbing chemicals,
  5. Vent Termination Kits – Concentric Vents and Horizontal Vent Termination Kits.
  6. Vibration Pads – Reduce vibration and noise from air conditioning and refrigeration equipment with the rubber/foam EVA anti-vibration pad.

RectorSeal is a titan in the HVAC industry starting as a manufacturer of thread sealants. One initial product, RectorSeal No.5 is still an industry staple. Since its humble beginnings, RectorSeal has rounded out its product line by supporting the maintenance chemicals line with HVAC parts.

  1. Line Set Covers – Protect line sets for air conditioners and provide a clean look with the Slimduct 3.75” cover system.
  2. Aspen Condensate Pumps – Condensate pumps for mini-split systems that are easily concealed.
  3. Airtec Air Diffusers – Square plastic diffusers 12” x 12”
  4. Refrigeration Tools – Flaring Kit
  5. Maintenance Chemicals – Flush KitsLeak Sealant and DyeDescalerBoiler TreatmentFire and Heat StopPVC Cement and CleanerPlumbers GreaseThread SealantCoil CleanerFurnace Cement
  6. Condensate Management – Overflow switches, alarms, drain lines,
  1. Surge Protectors – give your customers piece of mind by protecting their equipment from power surges.
  2. Hard Start Kits – relieve strain on compressors with built-in relays.

There is a reason why Nashua tape has been the go-to for the HVAC industry. The Nashua label means you are getting quality American-made products that won’t peel off.

  1. Foil Tapes – Perfect for repairs or duct sealing in low-temperature applications.
  2. Duct Tapes – perfect for sealing off edges.
  3. Electrical Tapes – Available in multiple colors, perfect for masking in with repair parts.

The Clean-Fit Products division of Mill Rose is focused on creating innovative sealants for the HVAC industry. The Blue Monster product line features tools, and specialty adhesives commonly used in the installation of replacement parts.

  1. Thread Sealants – Save time and money with industrial-strength sealants that are also eco-friendly.
  2. PVC Cement – Complete the job with peace-of-mind

Keep your job on track and within budget with adhesives perfect for any equipment installation like heat pumps, hydronic replacement, or pipe replacement.

  1. PVC Cement – Solvent weld with quick-curing adhesives
  2. PVC Cleaner – Make quick work of dirt, grime, or grease with cleaners perfect for residential and commercial plumbing.

The Hercules product line is a division of Oatey. Known for its plumbing chemicals, Hercules is a go-to for any distributor of HVAC products.

  1. Thread Sealant – Used to create a tight seal on plastic and metal threads.

Xantus specializes in the creation of chemicals designed to find and stop leaks at the source. Their products are perfect for mini-split systems, coils, heat pumps, Air conditioners, evaporator fittings, and line sets.

  1. Refrigeration Chemicals – refrigerant sealants & refrigerant leak detection.

Extend the lifetime of air conditioner and refrigerant systems with single-use HVAC leak sealant injectors.

  1. Refrigeration Chemicals – Refrigerant sealants & refrigerant leak detection.

Nu-Calgon specializes in chemical products for HVACR repairs. Their product line includes coil cleaners, leak sealants, air purifiers (for indoor air quality), and refrigeration oils.

  1. Coil Cleaners – Aerosol and liquid coil cleaner
  2. Maintenance Chemicals – Flush systemsleak sealant & dyeleak detector, and descaler.

ESP Company supplies specialty products to the heating, cooling, and refrigeration industry.

  1. Silicone Sealant – Available in 10.3 oz easy-to-use caulk tubes.

Gorilla Glue manufactures long-lasting quality adhesives. A perfect fit for installations and repairs.

  1. Glue & Adhesives – Glue & Epoxy for quick sets on the job.

Hardcast specializes in duct sealants and insulation adhesives that are eco-friendly.

  1. Commercial Fasteners – Cleats, corner, flange, dyno rail
  2. Dampers Assemblies – Round pipe dampers
  3. Flexible Duct Connectors – Residential vinyl-based galvanized steel, perfect for blowers, air handlers, and other equipment.
  4. Mastics – UL-listed sealant perfect for flexible ductwork.

Get the job done right with Harris products. Find solders and flux that have been manufactured to meet the quality you need and create strong joints on jobs.

  1. Solders – Lead-free solders
  2. Flux – Bridgit burn-resistant paste, Stay-clean liquid flux

Conex Banninger has been producing innovative copper products since 1909. Their approach to design has revolutionized the HVACR fitting game.

  1. Press Fittings – Copper Press Refrigeration FittingsCopper Press Plumbing Fittings 

Genesis stands by their motto “Wire that Works – the first time, every time”. Make the connection that always works for you.

  1. Thermostat wire – Available in multiple lengths and AWG ratings.

Halex carries a complete product line of all electrical fittings needed in the field.

  1. Electrical Conduit Fittings – Connectors, couplings, and EMT conduit fittings.