With innovations and regulations being introduced, finding the right HVAC products to get the job done is a challenge. Webb Supply wants to be your number one source for all information HVAC systems related. Our selection of HVAC units will help you meet the new regulations and give the homeowners the energy efficiency they want. Register for an online account today!

Ruud Heating and Air Conditioning have been focused on producing quality product solutions for over 100 years. Their tagline, “Rely On Ruud” is an homage to their history dating back to the invention of the first gas water heater in the 1900s. Ruud’s latest generation of products focuses on sustainability featuring greater energy savings and reducing their carbon footprint.

  1. Gas furnace – Browse our selection of gas furnaces in multiple styles like Constant Torque (80%, 95%, 96%), ECM (80%), and MOD (98%) Energy efficiency ratings.
  2. Air conditioners – Easy to install and service. Ruud air conditioning systems are available in tonnage ranging from 1.5-5 tons. Efficiency ratings from 13 SEER to 20 SEER.
  3. Heat Pumps – Go green with Ruud Heat pumps and recoup energy costs for the homeowner. Available in 14 SEER15 SEER16 SEER, and 17 SEER.
  4. Air Handlers – Perfect solution for an all-electric home! Available in styles like Constant Torque, and ECM – Electronically Commutated Motor.
  5. Cased Coils – N-style in design, perfect for either vertical or horizontal air conditioners. Available in 1.5-5 ton capacity.
  6. Commercial rooftop units – Revolutionize commercial air conditioning with the Ruud Renaissance.

Ruud’s product line is so extensive that we split their water units away from their heating and cooling systems. Webb Supply carries the full line to give our customers the best units to complete the HVAC installation.

  1. Residential Gas Hot Water Heaters – Designed to minimize energy costs while providing gallon sizes suitable for any residential installation. Available in Standard Draft, and power vent.
  2. Residential Electric Hot Water Heaters – Available in styles Point Of UseStandard VentHybrid, and Marathon.
  3. Commercial Hot Water Heaters – Regular EfficiencyHigh Efficiency, and Storage.
  4. Tankless Hot Water Heaters – Available in different styles: 93% UEF and Combination Tankless Boiler Water Heaters.

WeatherKing heating and air conditioning systems are fit for royalty. Made from high-quality materials, their focus has been on providing efficient systems that put money back into homeowners’ pockets.

  1. Gas furnace – Quick installs and easy to service. These efficient systems come in 80% Constant Torque92% Constant Torque, and 95% Constant Torque
  2. Air conditioners – Easily install and maintain durable Weather King units. Available in tonnage from 1.5-4.0 in 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (13 SEER)
  3. Cased Coils – Cased coils for 1.5-5.0 Ton air conditioning units. Available in widths from 14” to 24”.

Make the Ducane choice! Ducane has developed its air conditioning and heating systems around efficiency and reliability. A Ducane product comes with Energy Star certification and the guarantee to far surpass HVAC efficiency standards (SEER/SEER2 and EER/EER2). Start cutting energy costs and experience the Ducane promise for yourself today!

  1. Gas furnace – Keep heating bills low with energy-star-rated furnaces. Available in efficiencies like 80% Constant Torque80% ECM95% Constant Torque, and 96%+ ECM Variable Speed.
  2. Air conditioners – Keep the heat at bay with good, better, and best options from Ducane. Systems available with 13 SEER, and 16 SEER ratings.
  3. Heat Pumps – See the ultimate savings return when pairing a gas furnace with Ducane heat pumps. Available in 15 SEER and tonnage ranging from 1.5-5.0.
  4. Air Handlers – Break free of fossil fuels by adding an air handler to an all-electric home. Available in PSCConstant Torque, and ECM.
  5. Coils – Evaporator coils are both cased and uncased. Choose from Upflow, downflow, and horizontal.

Samsung HVAC brings innovation to the market with its mini-split systems complete with compressors. Minimize your ductwork while improving airflow with their unique designs suitable for residential and light commercial applications.

  1. Residential Mini-split Heat Pump – WindFree Technology (WindFree Out and Wall Units). Systems are also available in Max Heat capacities.
  2. Multi-Zone FJM Mini-split Heat Pump – Great for going ductless in residential and commercial applications. Available models include Quantum (Quantum 2.0 Out and Quantum 2.0 Wall), Max Heat (Outdoor Units), and Free Joint Multi (4-Way Cassettes and Slim-Duct).

Aspen Manufacturing is the leading replacement coil manufacturer in the industry. Their American-made products come with an AHRI match and meet ASTM requirements for OEM brands. When you need a replacement coil, their motto says it all “Everything’s Right Here.”

  1. Coils – Cased CoilsUncased Coils

Commercial rooftop units – Available to order. Contact Webb Supply Rep for information.

Velocity Boilerworks is the top name in hydronic heating systems. These quality units are designed to fit any need your customers may have. Shop our selection below.

  1. Hot Water Boilers – Aruba 5Tobago
  2. Steam Boilers – Bermuda
  3. High-Efficiency Condensing Boilers – Phantom, Phantom Combi, Phantom X Raptor
  4. Indirect Water Heaters – Mega-Stor

Keep your customer’s facilities warm with Enerco products. Since 1957, Enerco Heatstar has been focused on infrared combustion technology specializing in radiant tube and radiant garage heating systems. Give your customers peace of mind knowing that their facility is heated by the best.

  1. Radiant Tube Heaters – Heatstar Burner Kits and radiant tubes.
  2. Radiant Garage Heater – efficient and radiant gas heat

Miller Heating and A/C produce high-quality furnaces and condensing units for manufactured homes. Find the solution perfect for your customer’s needs with HUD-approved gas and electric furnaces.

  1. Mobile Home Gas Furnaces – Forced Draft gas, High-Efficiency gas,
  2. Mobile Home Electric Furnaces – Increase efficiency
  3. Mobile Home Packaged Air Conditioners – All-in-one solution for manufactured home HVAC, available in 14 SEER.
  4. Mobile Home Hot Water Tanks – Sealed combustion available in 30 or 40-gallon sizes.

Keep the chill out of your facility with gas-powered unit heaters from Modine. Perfect for residential, light commercial, or even industrial applications.

  1. Garage Unit Heaters – PDP Powervent Unit HeatersHot Dawg Draft Vent Unit Heaters

The industry standard for thru-wall applications. Napoleon Condo Pack’s unique design features a dynamically balanced blower and removes exterior connections for equipment and refrigeration from the project, protecting your installations from temperature swings.

  1. Gas Condo Packs – Standard and High-Efficiency units made from quality stainless steel.
  2. Electric Condo Packs – Plug-and-Play installation set up with metering built-in to the units.

Olsen is the leading name in oil furnaces and has been for over 60 years. With high-efficiency units complete with an Energy Star rating, Olsen oil furnaces are perfect for cutting energy costs.

  1. Oil Furnaces – Hiboys, lowboys, and universal multi-position

Williams Comfort has been producing quality heaters since 1916 and gas-fired units since 1996. Each unit is designed and tested in America and passes the specifications set by the National Bureau of Standards.

  1. Room Heaters – Console HeatersDirect NVentDirect VentFloor FurnaceVent Free Heater

High-Velocity Modular Small Duct Systems – Modular air handler for Residential & light commercial.