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Webb News

  • Ruud Pro Partner Program

    Ruud Pro Partner Program

    Are you looking for a way to grow your HVAC business in 2023? Joining a dealer program that offers your company value is a great way to make your dollar go further. Webb Supply participates in a number of dealer programs, including the Ruud Pro Partner Program.

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  • Ducane New Dealer Program (NDP)

    Ducane New Dealer Program (NDP)

    Webb Supply wants our customers to succeed in all aspects of their business. That’s why we participate in programs that we feel could help them grow. The Ducane New Dealer Program or NDP is one such program, designed to help HVAC contractors of all sizes grow their businesses by selling more Ducane equipment.

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  • Samsung HVAC Preferred Dealer Program

    Samsung HVAC Preferred Dealer Program

    The Samsung Preferred Dealer Program is a tiered program that enables participants to unlock value-added features based on completed training modules and the number of units they register through the Samsung HVAC Mobile App. This blog post will walk you through how to get involved and start saving.

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  • How To Grow Your Business in 2023

    How To Grow Your Business in 2023

    The past few years since the pandemic has been tough. The country has been experiencing price increases and lead times never seen before. The HVAC industry is no different. In an era where business success is dependent on a homeowner being able to find your business online, marketing support makes a huge difference. We’re going to take you through a couple of the programs that Webb Supply participates in like the Ruud Pro Partner Program, Ducane NDP, and Samsung Preferred Dealer Program.

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  • Navigating Webb Supply’s Holiday Hours

    Navigating Webb Supply’s Holiday Hours

    With November nearing a close that means the roller coaster ride that is the Holidays is almost here. Webb Supply will be closed on certain days so our team members can enjoy the Holidays with their families. That does not mean that we are leaving our valued customers out to […]

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  • Webb Supply Online Portal Now Open

    Webb Supply Online Portal Now Open

    Webb Supply has made it easy for our HVAC contractors to access the products they need to get the job done with our b2b ecommerce site. As a distributor of HVAC equipment, we have access to digital marketing materials and catalogs that can help our existing customers turn leads into […]

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Industry News

  • Ruud Contractor App

    Ruud Contractor App

    A vital tool for Ruud contractors is the Ruud Contractor App. With the changes handed down from the Department Of Energy, Ruud was faced with a decision to make. To get more efficiency out of the unit you either need to add more coil, or more technology. Ruud chose the […]

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    The Department Of Energy or DOE has rolled out new regulations for energy efficiency and emissions that take effect in 2023. These national regulatory changes impact the HVAC industry by making significant changes to the way efficiency requirements are calculated. Since Webb Supply is located in the North Zone, this […]

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  • The Inflation Reduction Act – How it impacts the HVAC Industry

    The Inflation Reduction Act – How it impacts the HVAC Industry

    The HVAC industry has been changing over the past few years. In early 2022 the Department Of Energy (D.O.E) announced the efficiency and refrigerant changes rolling out in 2023 and 2025. The Inflation Reduction Act (I.R.A) is the latest facelift to the industry and it has some significant impacts on […]

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