Price Increases Effective January 1st, 2023

January Price Increases Banner

Supply chain shortages have been wreaking havoc on the HVAC industry since the Covid-19 Pandemic. With the cost of HVAC equipment rising, Webb Supply has found it necessary to be transparent with our HVAC contractors about what is going on. The cost of raw materials is continuing to climb, and HVAC companies need to make sure they stay on top of those higher costs.

Put your company in a position to have a great 2023 year by ordering ahead and stocking up on HVAC systems like air conditioners, heat pumps, and mini-splits. With the new DOE changes, new units will be in short supply for the North Zone due to increased demand from the south.

Allied Commercial 1/1/2023
Ducane Equipment Residential 1/1/2023
Ruud Commercial 1/2023
Ruud Equipment Residential 1/2023
Aspen Manufacturing   Coils / Air Handlers 1/1/2023
Napoleon Condo Pak 1/2023
Quietflex Flex Duct Products / Wraps 1/3/2023
EWC Controls Zoning Products 1/1/2023
MSA Bacharach Portable Instruments 1/1/2023 
Diversitech 1/1/2023
Oatey Products Select Items 1/1/2023
CPS Products Select Items 1/1/2023
First Company Specialty Equipment 1/4/2023