Samsung HVAC Preferred Dealer Program

The Samsung Preferred Dealer Program is a tiered program that enables participants to unlock value-added features based on completed training modules and the number of units they register through the Samsung HVAC Mobile App. This blog post will walk you through how to get involved and start saving.

Getting Started

To get started as a Samsung dealer, contractors must be enrolled by a Samsung distributor to participate. Contractors need to sign and return the dealer agreement, and create an account in Samsung Business Acadamy (SBA). Upon registration contractors must complete Dealer onboarding training (20 hours) as well as modules 1-8 of RLC installation and Basic Service in the SBA. The benefits start when contractors register the first heating or cooling system through the app.

Program Tiers

The Preferred dealer program is comprised of three tiers. Each tier unlocks additional benefits. The tiers are called Dealer, Preferred Dealer, and Preferred Plus Dealer. Each contractor starts out at the dealer level following the completion of training modules and the registration of their first unit.

What Does the Dealer Tier include?

Each tier builds off of the features of the previous level. The entry-level features included in the Dealer Tier are as follows:

  1. Thrive Business Marketing
  2. Extended Warranty Options
  3. Consumer Financing
  4. Lead Generation
  5. Full Access To Samsung HVAC mobile App
  6. Samsung HVAC Dealer Link
  7. Dealer Locator

What Does the Samsung HVAC Preferred Dealer Tier include?

The Preferred dealer tier is unlocked when contractors complete modules 9 and 10 of the RLC installation training as well as register 5 qualified systems (air conditioners, ductless mini splits, heat pumps, etc).

  1. Angi Leads (Formerly known as HomeAdvisor)
  2. Samsung Branding Points
  3. Complimentary Vehicle Magnets
  4. Purchase Rewards
  5. Dealer Welcome Kit
  6. Locator Consumer-Friendly Icons

What Does the Preferred Plus Dealer Tier include?

The requirements for unlocking the Preferred Delaer Plus tier are to complete module 11 of RLC installation and basic service training, as well as enter 25 product registrations and complete the service training module.

  1. 12/12/1 Enhanced Warranty
  2. Website Development and Hosting
  3. Exclusive Promotions
  4. Priority Listing on Dealer Locator
  5. Access To VIP Technical Support