Price Increase Updates For February 2023

Since the pandemic, the HVAC industry has been experiencing the same supply chain issues, lead times, labor shortages, and inflation issues that have impacted the country. As a trusted supplier of HVAC products and raw materials, Webb Supply feels the responsibility to inform our customers of upcoming changes from HVAC manufacturers. In January of 2023, several suppliers announced their plans to release their first price increase of the year. Starting in February, the following brands will go up.

February HVAC Price Increases:

General Filter – Feb 1
Legend Valve – Feb 1
Hardcast – Feb 1
Unico – Feb 1 
Mill-Rose and Monster – Feb 1 
Ruud Parts – Feb 1
Ducane Parts – Feb 1
Legend Valve – Feb 1
Rectorseal Most Products – Feb 17
Berry Global – Feb 20

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